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Cantinone Caves And Roman Walls - Osimo

The subsoil of Osimo hides a twin city full of galleries and passages that have been dug into the sandstone.

A separate world full of sculpted figures and cryptic symbols to decipher. There are four underground routes accessible to the public

The Cantinone Caves from medieval times and suitable for every type of visitor, the Dante Square Caves with enigmatic engravings connected to initiation rituals, the Riccioni Caves whose symbolism recalls the Templar world and the privately owned Simonetti Caves that can be visited with a reservation and during special events.


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Of the ancient Roman Auximum all that remains are the walls and fountain of Via Fonte Magna, Porta Musone, the finds of the Archaeological Museum and the Lapidarium. Last but not least, the acephalous statues remain, which the people of Osimo call the Headless Statues. It is said that the missing heads were plundered by the Milanese leader Giangiacomo Trivulzio following a battle in 1487. Other scholars have deduced that the heads were either never sculpted, or that they fell due to war.

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