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Die "Palio di San Giovanni" in Porto Recanati

evozieren eine alte Tradition, die den Meeres Charakter eines Küstendorfes erinnert

Every year, the third week of August, Porto Recanati dresses up and its neighborhoods choose their top guys, that like a fish in the long run with the "coffee", to compete and win the Palio di San Giovanni.

A country such as Porto Recanati lives in history and traditions related to the sea, and it is the Palio di San Giovanni to stress its maritime history.

Unlike other Palios Marche, this is very special! In fact, it does not take you back to medieval times when knights challenged each other with blows of spears and equestrian games, but sees the country filled with nets and "sciabbegotti". What are they? The fishermen who once used the "sciabbega", a dialect which was called the boat which went out to fish, now in disuse.

The Palio is named after the patron saint of Porto Recanati, and is a re-enactment of an ancient tradition of the work of a "sciabbegotto".

We're riding the '900, the protagonist is the final phase of a fishing day: two "sciabbegotti", after selecting the catch as they adjusted in the "coffee" (in dialect wicker baskets) and supported by a stick; and had the race begin! Being careful not to waste valuable fish to sell in the street, the couple ran barefoot as he could towards the market in order to be able to get there first and sell the fruits of their labor at a higher price.

And even after more than 100 years after the Porto Recanatesi are keen to keep the tradition alive to recall its origins, and honor the memory of their ancestors.
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