Purple-red and woad blue Ancona

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A special tour of Ancona focused on its trades of the Maritime Republic and the important port of Adriatic Sea
You will take part in a practical workshop where you will dye your placemat in woad to immerse yourself in the history of this maritime town


Federica, interpretive nature guide and registered guide of the Monte Conero Regional Natural Park and of the Monti Sibillini National Park will be accompanying you.
She will make you discover the environmental, naturalistic, anthropological and cultural aspects of the area and understand what connects them, with history and traditions thanks to anecdotes and curiosities that will make the walk truly unique!



When we talk about visiting Ancona, it is normal to think of a seaside destination, as it overlooks the Adriatic Sea. But Ancona is not just about the sea, there are many other attractions and places of interest for visitors to the Marches county seat, like this one! Ancona was one of Italy's Maritime Republics during the late Middle Ages: its trade extended over much of the Mediterranean. In this unusual and unique tour, we will discover the artisan and commercial traditions that made the city of Ancona an illustrious Emporium of the Adriatic, the Maritime Republic with extraordinary autonomy, a crossroads of peoples, techniques, and artistic styles. We will know about the importance of the processing of purplish red, retracing the stages. We will move in the trade streets of the old city listening to some interesting anecdotes to reach Massimo, master of "Tintúra", to discover his botanical collection in his atelier of color.
A trip through the history of the city and the surrounding region, following the leitmotif of the production and exchanges of these natural colors.


History will be replaced by creativity! We will dye in the vat of “Tintúra” a cloth of Marche's hemp in woad blue following the <em>shibori</em> technique, an art that came from the East. You will express your creativity and originality on a placemat that you will have to customize. Between artistic bindings, wooden tablets, folds, and strings you will soak your placemat for a few minutes in the dye bath. Pulling it out you will see the magic of the color fixed on the cloth reacting with the air, and finally, you will admire your work of art!
A pleasant souvenir from a purple-red and woad blue city signed by you!


Clothes suitable for a walk.


Available all year round on Thursday morning 
On specific request it is possible to organize it in other days and times



info@rurallyitalia.com - phone and whatsapp: +39 339 5655616 (Giorgio)

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