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Templer Kirche von San Filippo De 'Plano - Osimo

San Filippo is a small rural church located in the borough of Casenuove, near Osimo. The origin is earlier to the twelfth century, linked to the memory of the Knights Templar who stayed here for over a hundred years.The church, situated along the valley of the river Musone, an archaeological site where at the beginning of '900 was found a settlement of the Gauls (fifth century BC), whose relics are now kept in the "Museo Archeologioco Nazionale" of Ancona. Rebuilt around the eighteenth century, it was recently restored to allow the visit and the celebration of sacred functions. The geometry of the main nave, was built following the norms of the Golden ratio. This allows us to appreciate the overall harmony of the building and the excellent acoustics of its interior. Below the floor, is a crypt transformed into a ossuary showing foundations for 1.80 meters deep.
Water path:
A few meters by the complex, there is a source of drinking water, fully renovated, whose origin is lost in time.

Open all year, reservation by telephone or web booking
Mob: +393397287252 - Website: www.templarinellemarche.it
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    Open all year, reservation by telephone or web booking
    Mob: +39 339 7287252 - Website: www.templarinellemarche.it

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