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Porto Recanati, sea view happiness

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Porto Recanati
Halber Tag, Wochenende, Woche
Erwachsene, Kinder, Drittes Alter, Familien, Paare, Freunde der Freunde, Einzel, Vier Freunde


We have always been a seaside city.
A seaside village, still made up of fishermen who, with the red of the dawn, return to the shore and beaches that we have shared over the years with millions of tourists.

Our summer begins when it is still spring.
We shake off the winter torpor and start dreaming of a season full of great events and small, wonderful adventures suitable for all our guests.

The Swabian Castle, symbol of our city, is the perfect container for many of our initiatives: the Beniamino Gigli Arena has always hosted open-air cinema evenings, great concerts, unforgettable theatrical performances.
The art gallery and exhibitions - temporary or permanent - satisfy the hunger for culture and host animated readings, meetings, conferences on current affairs.

Our nine kilometers of beach and the completely pedestrian promenade offer long walks, space for physical activity, to move serenely with the children, to start discovering the surroundings by bicycle.

And then, a glance is enough to trace the profile of Monte Conero and to find yourself every day waiting for the wonder of certain sunsets.

In the morning the water fills up with a thousand lights. The smell of the sea enters the nostrils and the shouting from the beaches tells of a lively town, perfectly at ease with its history and its present.

In Porto Recanati time has never stopped, but the taste for traditions is renewed every time someone prepares the Brodetto or that some fisherman pulls the "Sciabbega" on the ground.

Ours is a hectic time; from sunrise to sunset and until late at night, there is a whole season to live.
Still, ours is a slow time. Made of the lapping of the waves, waiting for a sunrise that colors the sky, the arrival of boats and seagulls on the shore, the quiet beauty of the sea.

And we know it, when the sea is there, happiness is a simple thing.

I choose Porto Recanati because | things to do, live, taste.

1- Sea! Sea! Sea!
9 kilometers of low and sandy coast. Bathing establishments equipped with everything. Pedestrian promenade and cycle paths that connect the whole town. Green flag of pediatricians 2020.

2- Once upon a time there was the Swabian Castle
Each has its own history and that of Porto Recanati intersects with that of Federico II of Svevia. As evidence of this link, the Swabian Castle stands in front of the central square of Porto Recanati.
From the Tower it is possible to admire the beauty of the sea and the surrounding hills, up to Monte Conero. The Castle houses on the first floor the Pinacoteca Comunale “A. Moroni ”, on the ground floor the permanent Archaeological exhibition“ History of a revealed landscape ”, and a room for temporary exhibitions. In the courtyard there is the Beniamino Gigli Arena, dedicated to the famous Recanatese tenor, for years destined to concerts, theatrical reviews, cultural events.

3- Brodetto di Porto Recanati: an all-round taste experience
He is the king of the Portorecanatesi dishes and one of the most famous of the Marche together with that of Fano, Ancona and San Benedetto.
The only one without tomato, but enhanced and colored with the pistils of saffron, a wild saffron typical of the Conero. The soup requires slow cooking of at least 10 different types of fish, placed in the pot according to the different cooking times.
For several years, in the first week of June, the white soup of Porto Recanati has been dedicated to "The week of soup". In the various local restaurants it is possible to taste the various interpretations that the chefs of Porto Ricanese give of the traditional dish par excellence.

4- the seafaring soul
Bright and sunny colors, smells and sounds linked to an existence dominated by the presence of the sea; the houses of the fishermen of the seaside village will remain etched in your heart for a long time. As well as another image of the Puerto Rican tradition: fishing with menagerie. To see it, just go to the mouth of the Potenza river and be enchanted by the launches of expert fishermen.

5- walking by bicycle
A completely pedestrian promenade and cycle paths for nature excursions. There are many itineraries that can be followed on foot or by bike starting from Porto Recanati.

• Potenza River - South Bank Cycle Path: this first path starts from the mouth of the Potenza River and runs along the south bank for three kilometers, crossing the area of ​​Santa Maria in Potenza, to then join the cycle path of the north bank.
• Potenza River - North Shore Cycle Path: relaxing and pleasant immersion in nature offered by this cycle path that runs along the course of the Potenza river for about ten kilometers to end up in Becerica. The peace and quiet of pedaling sometimes offer unique shows such as nesting herons.
• Northern Coast Cycle Path: this approximately four kilometer long route starts from Via 29 Marzo and has a first section in common with the Banderuola track. At the height of the camper parking area, continue north along the coast road, skirting the Scossicci district and rejoining at the end of via Amundsen with the track of the weather vane.
• Banderuola Cycle Path: from the camper parking area, continue along Via Marco Polo, entering a pleasant countryside landscape up to the Banderuola Church, from which you can return to the starting point or arrive in Loreto station in a few minutes. From here, leaving the bicycle, it is possible to climb the Scala Santa up to the Basilica of the Santa Casa di Loreto.

6- the archaeological area Roman city of Potentia: a dive into the past
Founded in 184 BC in the locality today called S. Maria di Porto Recanati, the archaeological area of ​​ancient Potentia, looks like a quadrangular space of 540 m long by at least 300 m wide, set on an orthogonal road network. The remains of a domus with mosaic floors and frescoed walls, the porticoes of the forum with the adjoining tabernae and a temple on a high podium that has returned numerous architectural terracotta are visible.
The archaeological area can be visited by reservation from June to September at the number: 0717599767 | 0719799084 (IAT office)

7- the church of the weather vane: the first stop of the Holy House
A small rural church immersed in the countryside of Scossicci, where legend has it that the Santa Casa di Loreto stopped in 1294, before being placed on the Loreto hill. According to tradition, when the Holy Land fell into the hands of Muslims, the house was miraculously raised and transported by angels, first to Tersatto, in Illyria, then on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, in Scossicci. The curious name "Banderuola" would refer to the flag that indicated the way to the Santa Casa di Loreto to the fishermen and sailors of Porto Recanati.
The current church was built in the late 1940s with a characteristic Greek cross plan and a dome covered with colored majolica.

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