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Historische Nachstellung - Castelfidardo, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts

The association for the cultural evaluation of historical events “Tracce di Ottocento” has collaborated with the municipality of Castelfidardo for the realisation of the historical reenactment “Tracce di Ottocento – The Late 19th-century Castelfidardo” since 2015. The reenactment is traditionally held on the second week of August. Not only can it rely on the attendance of the local population, but it also manages to attract a fair number of tourists coming from the many neighbouring seaside municipalities of the province.

TWO DAYS FROM ANOTHER TIME Castelfidardo is a 19th-century village again

Every year, the city centre of Castelfidardo spins the clock back until it is the late 19th-century again. The town will get back back to the time in which it used to be a small lively village for two whole days, thanks to the enthusiastic presence of the many costumed characters and the ad hoc evocative scenography, which once a year come and contribute to the revival of the old everyday- life activities.
You will find skilled artisans working with the old tools once used for the construction of the first barrel organs as well as woodsmen, laundresses, peasants and seamstresses. Commoners, noblemen, and noblewomen will also attend the event, entertaining themselves and the visitors with jokes, keeping the atmosphere comfortable and alive. Visitors will be surprised to find themselves face to face with Silvio Pellico and the Barolo Duchesse, two famous historical figures who had once visited the town. Foreigners should also beware of the brigands! Indeed, you will find the infamous Lega di Bicicchia lurking in the alleys, ready to ambush the passerby.
Given this context, visitors will be guided through a curious and intriguing trip into the post- Risorgimento years, which had highly characterised the history of the town due to two main reasons: the installation of the first potable water supply in 1886, and the development of the labour market thanks to the successful entrepreneurship of Paolo Soprani, a local who laid the foundations of the accordion industry in Castelfidardo.

THE PALIO OF WATER – A dispute between 8 districts

During the first day of reenactment (Friday), the “Palio dell’acqua” begins. It consists of a series of relay races in which the representatives of the 8 districts of the city of Castelfidardo will be divided up into teams. Each team will challenge itself in couples by carrying huge wooden baskets of water. The district whose team manages to carry more water wins the Palio. The winners will open the prestigious costumed parade which will be held on the following day. The purpose of the Palio is that of reviving the time in which the aqueduct of Castelfidardo had not been built yet, when locals had to face severe problems of hygiene and the direct supply of water was not available. Thus, the historical reenactment wants to remember the efforts that the community had to put for the supply of such a precious commodity such as water.


More than 500 costumed characters will parade through the streets of the city centre
The “Corteo storico in costume” will be held on Saturday. More than 500 costumed characters representing the 19th-century local population of Castelfidardo will gather in Piazza della Repubblica in order to celebrate the construction of the aqueduct and the old fountain. Apart from the detailed historical scenography and the many parade choreographies surrounding the Piazza, there will also be a great quantity of other activities throughout the alleys of the city centre, such as readings, concerts and other kinds of entertainment, such as puppet shows, theatrical performances, popular folk dances, and theme paths.

THE OLD 19TH-CENTURY TAVERNS – Historical and genuine flavours

There will be a large range of food courts, which will be set up by following the fashion of the old 19th-century ‘osteria’. They will offer wine and beer, along with the simple and genuine foods that our forefathers used to eat. Eating and drinking will be part of the celebrations of the historical reenactment, and will contribute to a unique atmosphere coming from an ancient time that will surround you until late at night.

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