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Conero Tour - Hiking & Kayaking

AUS € 15

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AUS € 15
Ancona, Numana, Parco del Conero, Portonovo, Sirolo
3 Stunden, Halber Tag, Ganzer Tag, Wochenende
Erwachsene, Familien, Paare, Freunde der Freunde, Einzel, Vier Freunde


1. Crossing Conero + Wine & Olive Oil Tasting - Hiking
1. Source of oil
2. Pian Grande
3. Roman caves
4. Pian Raggetti lookout
5. North Lookout
6. Abbey of St. Peter
7. Lunch break at the top of the Conero about 45 mins Free lunch
8. South Belvedere
9. Mortarolo cave
10. Passo del Lupo
11. Wine tasting: Rosso Conero and extra virgin olive oil (extra not included in the price)
Visit precious historical-artistic testimonies, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views.
the difference in altitude: 550 mt
Difficulty: Medium
Length: about 14 km 
What to bring: Trekking shoes, jacket, suncream, hat, water, packed lunch, chocolate, dried fruit and raincoat. Sticks are recommended.
2. Guided Kayaking Tour 
1. Portonovo Tower
2. Church of Santa Maria Portonovo
3. Shipwreck
4. Sailing Rock
5. Seagulls Beach
6. Two sisters beach
It will take 4 hours including breaks.
STOPS FOR SWIM: Due Sorelle beach
Level of difficulty: Medium
6km return
4h including stops
What to bring: Swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, towel, shoes, water. Snorkeling mask recommended.
3. ConeroTrek: Sea & Mountains - Hiking
1. Sirolo
2. Mortarolo cave
3. Passo del Lupo
4. Sassi Neri Beach at Sirolo
About 4h including the stops
What to bring: Trekking shoes if possible (shoes with sculpted soles) water, packed lunch, chocolate, dried fruit and a raincoat. Sticks are recommended.
4. Sunrise from Passo del Lupo - Hiking
Walk in the dark through the Mediterranean Bush to reach the Passo del Lupo viewpoint ideal spot for waiting for the new day: sunrise from the sea :-)
1. Sirolo
2. Wolf Pass - Passo del Lupo
3. Sirolo
length: 6 km
difficulty: basic excursion 
time: 3 hrs.
5. Trekking the sea view balconies of the Conero Walk - every Thursday
Walking through the Mediterranean Bush to reach 3 lookout overlooking the sea on the Conero
1. Church of San Pietro al Conero
2. Pian Raggetti - natural inland balcony
3. Pian Grande - Natural balcony above Portonovo
4. Belvedere Nord - Natural Baldone above Ancona
length: 6 km -
difficulty: basic excursion - time: 3 h



from the city of Ancona to the gentle Marche HILLS to the SEA to the Bay of PORTONOVO


1. Ancona station

2. Rolling hills of the Marche region

3. The bay of Portonovo: Lago Grande, Torre Clementina, Church of Santa Maria del Conero, Lago Profondo

4 FREE LUNCH at Portonovo Bay

5. Return by free autonomous bus (return times will be provided)

6. Mezzavalle (those who wish can decide to go down to Mezzavalle beach) optional and independent extra

The Conero CicloPedonale has just been opened and is a panoramic dirt road overlooking the Marche hinterland. Easy to travel, it starts from the center of Ancona and ends above the bay of Portonovo. During the journey we will have the opportunity to talk about the many spontaneous herbs that we will encounter on our journey. For those who wish, it is recommended to bring a bag for collection. Arrival at Portonovo Bay for the hour and we will visit the bay with its two natural lakes and the Mediterranean scrub forest that reaches the beach. Free lunch on the beach and for the return everyone can freely decide when to stay in the bay with the city bus (timetables will be provided) you can return to Ancona, or for the more sporty it is also possible to take the cycle/pedestrian path even on the return 🙂 PS even the bus ride back is a panoramic experience. Ideal route for those who are approaching trekking, given the little difference in altitude and the ease of the terrain.

18 Euros per person

MINIMUM AGE 10 YEARS 10 EURO accompanied minors

Overall height difference: 200 meters total

Difficulty: Tourist

Length: approximately 14 km

Travel time: approximately 3.5 hours

WHAT TO BRING: trekking shoes, jacket, sweater or fleece, hat, water, packed lunch, chocolate, dried fruit and kway.



Walking above the Ancona Cliffs


1. Passetto of Ancona (Monument) 1930

2. Cardeto Park (Cliffs of Ancona)

3. Powder magazine of Castelfidardo 1800

4. Jewish Cemetery

5. Ancient lighthouse

6. San Ciriaco Cathedral

An itinerary between Nature/History/Culture: visiting precious historical-artistic testimonies, walking on the Ancona cliff overlooking the sea.

Difficulty: Tourist

Length: approximately 6 km

total excursion: 3.5 hours

MEETING PLACE: Passetto Monument Ancona: free parking



1. CROSSING OF THE CONERO €18 per person + optional wine tasting (extra) Minimum age: 14 years Cost for children aged 14 to 18: €10 MIN NUMBER 8 PAX

2. GUIDED KAYAK TOUR €35 per person including Kayak rental MIN NUMBER OF PEOPLE 8

3. ConeroTrek: Sea & Mountains €15 per person Minimum age 8 years, minor cost 10 Euros minimum number of people: 10 pax

4. Sunrise trekking from Passo del Lupo €15 per person Minimum age 8 years, minor cost 10 Euros min number of people: 10 pax

5. Trekking the sea view balconies of the Conero €15 per person Minimum age 8 years, minor cost 10 Euros min number of people: 10 pax

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