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A very poetic weekend

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Loreto, Porto Recanati, Recanati
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After arriving in Recanati, right before lunch you’ll have time to drop your luggage at your accomodation. Right after you’ll be able to have lunch in one of the many great local and characteristic trattorias in the area, where we suggest you try one of our classic dishes like the coniglio in potacchio, or gnocchi alla papera.
After lunch, at 2pm o’clock it’s time to get the tour of the city and museums started. We suggest you start at the centre of Giacomo Leopardi Square, where you will find the Giacomo Leopardi statue. From there you’ll be exploring, by foot, the same roads, streets and nooks that the poet was roaming 200 years ago and that inspired many of his amazing poems.
The city offers many opportunities to immerse yourself in its beautiful atmosphere, and surely one of the most important stops is Casa Leopardi (The Leopardi House), where a guided tour will let you discover interesting secrets and curiosities never seen before about Recanati’s famous poet. The visit comprehends a free tour of the Leopardi Museum, and with a supplement to the ticket you will also be able to visit the incredible Leopardi Library.
After the house-tour, take a leisurely walk through via Riccabella from where you will be able to visit the Cappuccini Church (Chiesa dei Cappuccini) and reach the famous Colle dell’Infinito (The Infinite Hill), the very same one that Leopardi talks about in his timeless poem The Infinite. This is also the same place that the movie biopic “Il Giovane Favoloso” (“Leopardi” in english) was filmed. After that it’s finally time to relax and take a leisurely walk through the enchanting old town and visit the beautiful alleyways, Palazzo Venieri (Venieri Palace) or the Sant’Agostino Church.
The day ends with an amazing dinner in one of the typical Marchigian restaurants nearby. If you like wine don’t forget to try out our very own Rosso Conero. The day ends with an amazing dinner in one of the typical Marchigian restaurants nearby. If you like wine don’t forget to try out our very own Rosso Conero.



In the morning we will be moving towards Loreto. To be able to visit most of the beautiful city of the sanctuary, we suggest you arrive in the morning. Depending on what time you booked your tour of the patrol paths of the Holy Sanctuary, that is when and where you will start your journey through this mystical city. The patrol paths tour ends at the Cantine del Bramante (The Bramante Cellar) in the basement of the Apostolic Palace of Loreto. Once outside it will be time to visit the world renowned Basilica, one of the most important Marian sanctuaries of the catholic world, and the actual Holy House (la Santa Casa) inside (be careful as visiting hours may vary depending on the time of the year, as such we suggest you check the website www.santuarioloreto.va to make sure you are up to date).
After the tour you’ll have time to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of the Holy City and get lunch in one of the many tasty and welcoming trattorias that you will surely come to love during this visit, where we suggest you try out the tasty Brodetto all’anconetana, the crescia and many more local specialties. After lunch you’ll be free to finish visiting the city and, if you are so inclined, take a tour of the amazing Museo Pontificio (Holy House Museum), or, if you want to spend a few hours relaxing while waiting to get back to travelling you can take a trip to Porto Recanati, an ancient city built on roman foundations just a few minutes away from Loreto. There you will be able to visit the town’s picture gallery, situated inside of a XV century castle, or visit the beautiful seaside and do some shopping in Corso Matteotti.


Recanati has ancient origins, as witnessed by the ancient Picenian necropolis dating back to VI century b.C.

Some of the poet's descendants still live inside Palazzo Leopardi to this day.


This itinerary will take you through Loreto and Recanati, two beautiful cities rich in history, culture and charm. Both cities can be visited while being accompanied by a tour guide. You can check the tour guides for Loreto here, while you request a guided tour of Recanati here.


The guided tour through Casa Leopardi and its very own library lasts around 45 minutes, with a following optional free visit to the museum. Visits require mandatory booking, you must also arrive at the ticket office 30 minutes before the start of the tour. For more information about events and what to do in Recanati you can also check the website www.myrecanati.it .

The Basilica and the Holy House are open every day from 6am to 7pm. As these are places of worship, visiting times may vary depending on the period of the year and festivities. As such we recommend you consult the website www.santuarioloreto.va .


Useful information for your stay in Recanati and Porto Recanati:

Tickets to the full tour (House, Library and Museum) cost 20€ each for adults and 13€ for children and teens (6-18 years old). If you only choose to visit one place between the House and the Library tickets will be 10€/8€ (these tickets still allow access to the museum).

The Porto Recanati picture gallery is closed on mondays, opens tuesday through friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to 6pm. On saturdays and sundays it is open from 9.30am to 12.30am and from 5pm to 8pm.

Useful information for your stay in Loreto:

The Museo Pontificio is open from monday to friday from 10am to 12.30am and from 4pm to 6.30pm, while on saturday and holidays opens from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm.
Tickets for the museum are 8€.
Tickets to the museum and patrol paths are 10€.
Children under 13 and adults over 75 can enter free of charge.

Patrol paths tours leave from monday to saturday at 10.30am, 3pm and 4pm, while on sunday leave at 10am, 11.30am, 3pm and 4pm.
Visitors must get to the museum 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to file the required paperwork. Once the 45 minute tour is over, you will be accompanied to the Cantine del Bramante.
Tickets for the patrol paths are 3€.
Tickets to the museum and patrol paths are 10€.
Children under 13 and adults over 75 can enter free of charge.

Wo zu parken

The closest parking lot to Piazza Giacomo Leopardi is the Parcheggio Centro Città 2.0 (City Center Parking 2.0) located in Via Campo Sportivo from where you will be able to visit the city by foot.

Loreto has many different parking accomodations, in particular the Via Donato Bramante 89 is the closest to the city center and the Basilica.

The Parcheggio Gratuito Porto Recanati in Porto Recanati is a free parking space close to both the seaside and the picture gallery.

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