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A stunning mix of art, culture and ice-cream traditions

Agugliano is a picturesque village just a few kilometres from Ancona. In medieval times it was one of the twenty historical castles of the Doric capital. The ancient castle still has both its wall and three broken towers visible; it is located in the hamlet of Castel d'Emilio.

Agugliano has a long tradition of excellence in artisan ice-cream and there are many ice-cream parlors where you can taste delicious ice-cream made with ancient recipes that use only fresh and genuine ingredients. 

Every year in June, Agugliano hosts the “Festival Nazionale del Gelato Artigianale” (International Festival of Artisan Ice-cream) which attracts Italian and international ice-cream masters. 


Agugliano has a rich literary tradition. The medieval magistrate Baldo d’Agugliano mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy and dubbed “villan d’Aguglion” in Canto XV of Paradise was born here.

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