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Ancona, blue skies and sea

The perfume of the sea in an open-air museum. A mixture of striking views and culture. Portonovo and Passetto can't be missed.

Since ancient times Ancona has been a hub for commercial activities and still remains an important crossroad for trade.

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Thanks to its elbow shape facing the sea, Ancona is the only city in Italy where it is possible to see both sunrise and sunset over the sea. 

From the magnificent “San Ciriaco” Cathedral, set on the hilltop of “Colle Guasco” you can enjoy a breathless view of the city of Ancona. 


Walking through the city streets, you can admire the majestic arch “Arco di Traiano”, the ancient gateway “Porta Clementina”  and visit the “Museo Archeologico delle Marche”, one of the most famous Italian archeological museums as well as the “Museo Tattile Omero”, a tactile museum where every item can be touched and held. 

If you like you can go shopping around the city centre in one of the chic boutiques and trendy shops of Ancona. Strolling along “Viale della Vittoria” avenue, you will arrive at the “Passetto”, a wide terrace overlooking the Conero Riviera. You can then go down the long white staircases to the beaches.


The harbor is the vibrant heart of the city. Artistic and cultural summer events are concentrated in the “Lazzaretto” neighbourhood where you can also go out at happy hour for an evening with friends. 

Suspended between sky and sea, this Doric town will allow you to dream!

What to do? Ancona ?

Ancona City Tour

  1. Traian Arch
  2. Roman Walls of the Port built in 113BC when Ancona became a Roman Town
  3. Cathedral of San Ciriaco Medieval Church located on a promontory on the sea. The Church is dedicated to the city's patron saint.
  4. Diocesan museum it testimonifies the city's Christian history.
  5. Roman Amphiteatre
  6. National Archaelogical museum of the marche region Located in Palazzo Ferretti. From prehistory to Greek, Picentes and Roman civilization.
  7. Mercanti's Loggia
  8. Podesti Art gallery
  9. Port of Ancona 1° st italian port for passenger and vehicle traffic, also among the firsts in the Adriatic for freight traffic.
  10. Teatro delle Muse The largest theatre in the Marche region, every year it hosts operas, prose, theatrical performances, ballets, seasons of symphonic music, concerts and jazz music.
  11. 13 Cannelle Fountain
  12. cardeto park 35 acres of greenery on a cliff overlooking the sea.
  13. Cavour square
  14. Passetto
  15. The Beach and the Fishermen's caves Rocky beach with typical caves excavated by fishermen to accomodate their boats.
  16. Mole Vanvitelliana Designed by Vanvitelli, it stands tall in the harbour on a pentagon-shape artifical island Info 071.9257388
  17. Cittadella Park with its fortress
  18. Tourist port
  19. Old Porto
  20. Red Lantern
  21. Falconara Airport
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Sai che... ANCONA
“Se alla fontana berrai, ad ancona tornerai...” narra l’antica leggenda legata alla fontana di calamo, detta anche fontana delle 13 cannelle.
Sai che... ANCONA
Il piatto tipico della città
È rigorosamente a base di pesce.
Lo “Stocco all’anconitana”, un piatto talmente radicato nella tradizione da avere un’intera accademia dedicata: l’Accade- mia dello Stoccafisso.
Sai che... ANCONA
Alba e tramonto sul mare: un fenomeno unico in Italia, grazie alla forma a gomito della città sul mare. Il nome Ancona deriva dal greco antico "ankòn", che significa gomito.
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