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Roman amphitheater in Ancona

The Roman amphitheater, with the Arch of Trajan, is one of two Roman archaeological sites most important of Ancona

The roman amphiteatre with the Traiano’s archway, is one of thw two most important archeological site of Ancona.


Discovered in the first decade of ‘800, the excavating has been made only 100 years after and has brought to light the first sections of the amphiteatre.

The amphiteatre is situated in between two hills (Guasco and Cappuccini), just some km far away from the sea, and it is dated back to the end of 1st century A.C., the Ottaviano Augusto’s period. Thanks to the studies, we know that the amphitheatre saw its last transformation during the Traiano’s empire in the following century.
It offered 20 terraces in 3 orders that could host up to 10.000 spectators.

Nowadays only the building perimeter and the first order of terraces are still preserved but two entries are well visible: the main Porta Pompae and the secondary Porta Libitinensis.

Due to this latest discovering of the amphiteatre, distincts elements have been brought to light; they are placed in an open space and so visible even when fenced for restauration.

Recently, the adiacent zone has become a place for cultural meetings where it’s possible to listen to poetry and lyrics.
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