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Castle Svevo in Porto Recanati

In the central square of Porto Recanati is the medieval castle Svevo

Located in the square of Porto Recanati castle with medieval origins takes its name from King Frederick II of Swabia who in 1229 donated the land on which stands the town of Recanati.
It was built in the thirteenth century with the function of protecting the coast from Recanati Pirate raids and especially the Turks.

Around the castle developed the first part of the town, the inside of its walls became so the space in which took place the daily interactions of the local population.

The main tower quadrangular origin, octagonal today, was built before the entire fort while the second tower was built around 1400. On the whole wall a walkway is visible used for guarding and protection from 'high.

Currently the large courtyard is home to the arena "B. Gigli "named after the famous tenor from Recanati that during the summer becomes a stage for a wide choice of cultural events.

On the first floor of the castle you can visit the Municipal Art Gallery which houses works collected by the illustrious countryman Attilio Moroni (1909 - 1986) historical rector of the University of Macerata, lawyer and art lover; The entrance hall is dedicated to the painter portorecanatese Biagio Biagetti (1877-1948).
    Useful contacts
    Castello Svevo
    Piazza Brancondi Brothers - Porto Recanati

    Municipal Art Gallery "Attilio Moroni"
    First floor of the Castello Svevo
    Open: Tuesday - Saturday from 16:00 to 19:00

    Biagetti room
    the Swabian castle entrance

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