Civic Museums Villa Colloredo Mels And The Museum Of Emigration Of Marchigian People

The Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels is composed of the Pinacoteca and sections divided by historical period.

The archaeological section allows to know the organisation of a prehistoric community; the medieval one documents the life of the city in its greatest splendor and includes, among other things, many important works by sixteenth-century artists.

The Renaissance section includes four of Lorenzo Lotto's most significant works of art, including "L'Annunciazione". In the basement of Villa Colloredo Mels is the Museum of Emigration of Marchigian People which was inaugurated on December 9th 2013.

The Aim of the Museum is to present and enhance the testimonies that tell, through human stories, the story of the emigration of the over 700,000 marchigiani who, in the past, left the region to look for better living conditions.

Villa Colloredo Park

The well-groomed green lung of Recanati is Villa Colloredo Park, which is very interesting from a naturalistic point of view. It offers visitors an immediate sense of “forest” and its dense, covering vegetation enables it to have consolidated and stable fauna. The WWF office is here.



Useful contacts

Museo Civico di Villa Colloredo Mels
Via Gregorio XII - Recanati
+39 071 7570410

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