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Conero Natural Park

A natural paradise overlooking the sea, will give you a wonderful experience

Conero Natural Park

The Conero Natural Park is a park full of facets, on a peak overlooking the sea and a hill that wedges into the hinterland. Here there are some points from where you can enjoy breath-taking panoramas stretching on the whole Conero  Coast, but also visit historical sites very charming.

The park represents an excellence in the whole adriatic coast, in fact this protected natural area rises upon the one and only coastal promontory up to the Gargano zone.

The Conero, a 5-m-year-old mount high 512 metres, is very rich of stone caves. They quarried from it the typical white stone used for edifices and buildings.
But the park finds its origin only on 1987 to satisfy the need of supervising a so precious naturalistic zone and to prevent contamination by speculators.
Many are the corners to uncover: from cities protected thanks to the mount like Ancona, Camerano, Sirolo and Numana to the various paths that venture into the flora and fauna of the park, up again to the Portonovo bay with its uncontaminated shores, crystal water and the historic jewels like Santa Maria of Portonovo or the Bosis Tower.

A discovery that complete itself with tastes, because the Conero offers typical and unique products to bring on the table, like the wine Rosso Conero, honey and oil.
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