flora of the park conero

The Natural Park of Conero is rich in natural species to be discovered!

Flora of the Conero Park

A variegated territory to discover, the Natural Park of Conero is rich in different ambients, from coastal cliffs to woods, creeks, salty lakes, rural areas, hills and beaches.

There are a lot of plants that constitute the Mediterranean scrub, protected in the Conero park also because they represent even a third of the whole patrimony of flowers in the Marche.

In the park more or less 1000 species and subspecies are present. We can find: pines, cypresses, cedar trees, and some broad-leaved with the holm oak that prevails This is due above all to the human activity of reforestation, started the last century.

In the cliffs then some very precious vegetal species are hosted: the red juniper, the arborescent euforbia and the venetian one.

Portonovo on the other side boasts the only examples of salty lakes in the Marche area.
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