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the Artist Francesco Podesti

One of the most important painters of the Italian romance

Francesco Podesti, a famous painter known all over the Europe, was born right in the Conero and Ancona was the district that made his studies possible through public fundings, due to his distinct talent.

Taken under Canova’s wing, he became one of the most important exponent of the Italian Romanticism. Famous are his frescos in the “Sala dell’immacolata” in the “Palazzi Vaticani”.

Despite his celebrity he stayed always attached to Ancona, his own town, and even when he was 80 years old he got back once more in the scaffolding and made a fresco in the vault of the “Chiesa del Santissimo Sacramento”.

In Ancona, in the Rione Capodimonte, we can still find the birthplace of Francesco Podesti and in the city it is possible to know this artist by discovering the places where his artworks are placed and preserved.

The tour includes: 

PLACE: Chiesa del Santissimo Sacramento (Ancona)
ADDRESS: Largo Sacramento
ARTWORK: I Quattro Evangelisti

PLACE: Municipio (Ancona)
ADDRESS: Largo XXIV Maggio
ARTWORK: Il Giuramento degli Anconetani

PLACE: Pinacoteca Civica Podesti
ADDRESS: Via Pizzecolli 17

ARTWORK: Ritratto del Cardinale Ferretti, Madonna Con Bambino in Gloria Di Angeli, Ritratto del Cardinale Cadolini, Mendicante Con Putto, Testa del Cardinale Micara (studio sul Cadavere), L'Angelo Custode, Ritratto del Cardinale Nembrini, Ritratto di Papa Gregorio XVI, Ritratto di Girolamo Orsi, Ritratto del Conte Orsi, Studio di Teste: Le Razze Umane, Ritratto di Prete Greco - Ortodosso, Ritratto di Mariano Ploner.


ATTENTION: Currently closed for restoration


Full price: € 4,70

Reduced-price: € 3,60 (kids from 16 to 25, over 65, groups composed of at least 15 people included the chaperon, owner of Carta Amico Treno)

Cumulative: € 4,80 (it allows the visit both to the art gallery and the City Museum, valid until the following day)

Free under 16, disables and helpers

Tour Lottesco Card:

Full price: € 10,00

Reduced-price: € 6,00 (it allows the entry to the Art Gallery in Jesi, to the Museo-Antico Tesoro della Santa Casa in Loreto and to the “Civico Villa Colloredo Mels” in Recanati, without deadline)


Answering machine: 071.222 5045 - 5041




Palazzo Bosdari, via Pizzecolli, 17
    Useful contacts

    WARNING: Currently Closed for renovations


    Full € 4.70

    Reduced € 3.60 (boys 16 to 25 years old, adults over 65, groups of 15 persons including companion, Friend Train Card holders)

    Cumulative: € 4.80 (allows the visit to the gallery is that the Museum of the City and is valid until the next day)

    Free under 16 years old, the disabled and their carers

    Lotto ticket Itinerary:

    Full price: € 10.00

    Reduced: € 6.00 (allow visitors access even at the Pinacoteca Civica di Jesi, the Museum-Ancient Treasure of the Holy House of Loreto and the town museum Villa Colloredo Mels of Recanati, with no expiration)

    Phone:+39071. 222 5041





    Palazzo Bosdari, via Pizzecolli, 17

    60121, Ancona

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