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Abbadia di San Pietro al Conero - Sirolo

A sacred jewel of art set in the green vegetation of Mount Conero


A lot of pious men, during the Middle Ages, chose the Monte Conero as the place where to live their own life in solitude. They lived on what the nature gave them and slept in caves specifically dug in the rock… their name was “romitori”.
Studies seem to show that these romitori were peer to the S. Peter Abbey, abbey probably built in the first decade of 1000.
The building is entirely made of rock from Conero, with  three naves and an apse at the end of the central one. The abbey is lacking decorations and lets its peculiarity coincides with purity and white.
On the 1200 the church was adorned with pillars and capitals, in which there was inlaid motifs of flora and fauna that reminded of the beauty of the Monte Conero, mixed with frightful figures characteristic of the Middle Ages.
The Benedictines lived in peace until 1500, then two others more religious ordes like the followers of Gonzaga and Camaldolesi took possession of the abbey and the caves too.
A real battle started between them and ended with the roof of the church in fire. The Gonzaga’s followers let the hermitage and the Camaldolesi’s ones instead renovated the building but they abandones it the same at the end of 1800.
The ancient monastery of the Benedictines, on the side of the church, has been transformed into an elegant hotel while the St. Peter Abbey remains available  for whoever wants to benefit of this sight hidden in the heart of the Conero.
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