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Activities in Camerano for Easter and spring

The arrival of the first warm spring makes us want to stay outdoors, walk, take advantage of the weekend to visit the small Italian villages.
Camerano is the right place to spend a spring day in tranquility and perhaps during the Easter period if you are planning a short vacation!
Here's what you should visit!

Old Town
While you'll get in the beautiful country of Camerano, do not miss the spectacular skyline of the village put in prominence by Monte Conero and the rolling hills that surround it, on which there are the characteristic of Massignano centers and Poggio di Ancona.
It 'very convenient to walk to the center, given its containment, so I advise you to leave the car.
We first recommend you to linger in the central square, Piazza Roma, in which is located the bust of the famous painter Carlo Maratta, a native of Camerano and active in Rome, one of the most important figures from art seventeenth century. But also another building that overlooks the square is dedicated to the painter: the theater. Unfortunately this building has been closed for several years because of its poor condition, but yet we can admire its façade. The building appeared at theater destination since the end of '800 and then was later transformed into a cinema.
Adjacent to the theater, find the temporary exhibition of the Accordion in which musical instruments contents of considerable importance and rarity. Camerano was once one of the major centers of production and innovation of the Accordion, thanks to the company Scandalli and then the Farfisa.
On the opposite side of the square, you'll notice another building which is the palace of Mancinforte, noble family living in Camerano. We suggest in this regard heading to the Church of San Francesco to access the beautiful gardens of the palace and stroll through the fresh vegetation of Mancinforte woods.
Enjoy also the magnificent panorama climbing the steeple of the Church of San Francesco. The realization of the latter dates back to the thirteenth century and is said to have been the same St. Francis to found it.
Another scenic spot is located at the bottom of Via Maratta, in that place that Cameranesi usually call "For 'd' Porta" (out of doors): in fact, there stood one of the ancient gates to the country.
Shortly before this part, you will find access to the underground caves which are the real peculiarity of the country!

If you love long walks or bike rides in the countryside, in the head area of ​​Gradina, on the slopes of Monte Conero. From there they leave some trails of Mount who can go alone with their signs or using the guides!

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