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The shops of typical products

Made in Conero, typical products of the Conero Riviera.


Shopping center "Riviera" Address: Via Flaminia, 90-60026 - Numana (AN) - Italy Tel: +390719332048. Wide variety of selected local wines and other local specialties.

The "Pastaio" Address Address: Via Flaminia, 46, -60026- Numana (AN) Tel: +390717360703 .Propone a wide variety of pasta and condiments.


"Norcineria Alto black" Address: Via Bachelet, 7 (State Jesina) Campocavallo 60027 Osimo (AN) Tel: +39071715788 .In the store meats, cheeses and many other products that recall the flavor of the heart of the Marches.

"Pastry Lombardi" Address: Via C. Colombo, 145, 60027 Osimo (AN) Tel: +39071714875 .The pastry is an important handicraft reality confectionery dell'anconetano and a rich family tradition "

"Tavernetta del Corso" Address: Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 74, 60027 Osimo (AN) Tel: +39071714727 .Locale, in an atypical style halfway between the shop, wine bar and tavern.


"Woodpecker feelings creators" Address: Via Traversa E.Rampolla, 2, 4, 6, 8, 60025 Loreto (AN). Tel: +39071977760 .In laboratories Woodpecker ingredients and the highest quality materials are transformed into shapes, flavors, fragrances and colors that involve the five senses, and make each developed a unique feel and special.


"Salumificio Del Conero" Address: Via Recanatese, 25, 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) Tel: +390717822131. And 'the reference point for the production and sale of fresh meat and deli meats from Marche.


Food Gastronomy Shop Gianni, Address: Corso Giovanni Amendola, 14, 60123 Ancona - Tel: +39071200262 .Luogo of ancient atmosphere with many Italian and foreign wine and food products.

"Bottega del Carmine" Address: Via del Carmine, 51, 60126 Ancona Tel: +39071889403 .E 'can buy: the oils of carmine, the breeding eggs, vegetables, oil-based products, pasta of carmine.

"King's Cheese Shop" Address: J. Piazza F. Kennedy, 10, 60122 Ancona Tel: +39071201771 . In defense of authentic traditions and biodiversity.

"The Coffee House" Address: Via Valle Miano, 14, 60125 Ancona Tel: +3907182900 .It has gained a leading position in the field of processing and roasting coffee.

"The House of Bread" Address: Corso Giovanni Amendola, 54, 60123 Ancona Tel: +3907131692 .Storica bakery of the Passetto area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAncona, specializes in all types of bread, pizza and baked desserts. Since 1890 a certain fragrance and genuineness.

"The Farmer" Address: Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 9, 60127 Ancona Tel: +39071897905 Provides the everyday its customers with the best local produce and ready meals from the first and second courses.

"Gastronomy Goodness of the Marches" Address: Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 96, 60121 Ancona Tel: +3907153985 in the heart of the historical center of Ancona. A journey through the smells, the flavors and tastes of a region to be savored.

 "Gastronomy Camilletti" Address: Via Maratta, 60123 Ancona Tel: +39071200807 .Producono own good Lardo di Ancona, but there are also Pecorino di Fossa, blue, Marche Style, as well as stuffed olives and much more.

 "Butcher Cinti" Address: Via Francesco Podesti, 8, 60122 Ancona Tel: +3907152206 Provides the meat first quality choices, great food ready to be cooked, a wide selection of meats and cheeses.

 "Butcher of Fabio Chiappa" Address: Via Francesco Rismondo, 9, 60123 Ancona Tel: +3907132668 .It deals with breeding and sale of meat. It allows the purchase of selected meat of the cattle from the farm property.

"Butcher rotisserie Antichi Sapori" Address: Via Mario Torresi, 4, 60128 Ancona Tel: +3907185391 .Products natural and without preservatives for this butcher shop that also serves as a rotisserie, with traditional dishes. You can choose from meats, pasta dishes, roasts and stews.

"I eat Ergo Sum" Address: Via Artigianato 3 / c, 60127 Ancona Tel: +393924235308 .It 'a biological shop with products at km 0, gastronomy and catering options

"The Serafino bread." In Historic Centre Of Varano In Park Del Monte Conero, Ancona, Via Varano No 56. Tel: +39071286250

"Bakery Lucci" Address: Via Giodano Bruno, 12 Ancona, Tel: +390712810296

Porto Recanati

"The Tasty shop" Address: Corso Matteotti, 262, 62017 Porto Recanati MC
Tel: +390717592417 .Latticini, drinks, red meat, luxury food, nutrition.

"The workshop in nature" Address: Via Sarpi, 8, 62017 Porto Recanati MC Tel: +390717590055 .It deals with the sale of wine and food products, also typical.


"Vintage Wine" Address: Via I Maggio, 1, 60020 Sirolo AN Tel: +390719330976 .The menu offers simple and refined dishes, made with fresh ingredients and carefully chosen. The menu is changed four times a year, because we use mainly seasonal products. Meat and fish feature in equal measure our dishes. There is also an innovative vegan menu

Zoia sausage of the hill - Sirolo Address: 6, Via Del Lavoro, Sirolo, AN 60020, Tel: +390719331671. Zoia manufactures and distributes more than 50 years premium sausages and delicatessen of pig meat by quality, in full respect of the Marche region.


- Sausages Artisan BENIAMINO PAPA Address: Via Risorgimento, 30, 62019 Recanati MC Tel: +393479828972 Forty years of knowledge and experience in selecting and processing meat ensure quality products. The meat comes from Marche farms of confidence are transformed into soft ciauscolo, in the pillow, in the trickle (pork tenderloin flavored and 'layered' in a thin slice of lard), the head (typical Marche cup, flavored with orange peel, lemon and nutmeg) and loin, held in the form of a harness of reeds; then galantine and liver sausage. Then there are the niche products, matured in brine, such as the staple of ham, prosciutto and walnut seasoned tenderloin and craft delights such as pecorino di fossa and the Sibillini Mountains, goat cheese and flavored jam, fig and lonzetta more.

Transform-Carni Address: Via S. Bernardino, 5, 60020 Offagna AN Tel: +390717107598. The Trasform- Meats is a 'craft family business: more than ten years, the street chef Valentino Possanzini prepares salami, sausages and other traditional products from processing of the meat of pigs originating exclusively from the Marche farms. Located in the beautiful setting of Offagna, a typical medieval village, the company Possanzini employs highly qualified staff offering to its customers, the typical products of the Marche region. point of reference for the real Marche porchetta, here Transform-Carni you can also taste the Ciauscolo PGI, Traditional soft Marche salami so as to be spread on bread like a cream, fresh sausage and coppa. Also you can buy oils, cheeses, jams and pasta, all products of the territory.

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