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Offagna Medieval Festivals 2019


Thursday, 11 July 2019 Until Saturday, 27 July 2019
Offagna 2019 Medieval Festivals, from 20 to 27 July.
Offagna is transformed and its streets and squares come back to relive the atmosphere of the past: exhibitions, taverns, the street of the arts and crafts, the alley of the fortune-tellers are the backdrop to performances, reviews and historical re-enactments.

You come across jesters, warriors, commoners, and nobles; we find ourselves side by side for a district during the historical challenge in arms. One dreams and has fun, perhaps rediscovering the naive enchantment of storytellers, minstrels, and street theater; one forgets, at the sound of a hurdy-gurdy or a bagpipe, the present.

There is no shortage of square shows inspired and all taken from the classical medieval repertoire: street theater and sacred drama, carnival triumphs, jesters, musicians, minstrels and storytellers, dancers, grullatores, fire eaters, acrobats ...

Those who have already had the adventure of experiencing these moments cannot give up the pleasure of wandering around the village in medieval clothes, thus becoming the protagonist.

The shops change their usual face, the signs turn into "cartouches"; the "cresciolo" becomes the currency of the holidays.

The Medieval Festivals, born from the desire to revive the ancient tradition of the challenge in arms with the bow, the crossbow, the lance, the jointed club, between the four districts of the country: Croce, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Torrione immediately proposals as an evocative combination of historicity and entertainment, between culture and tradition, and are now an established cultural event at national level of great tourist appeal.

Every year we discover and revisit a different face of the Middle Ages, we set a theme, a motive for the entire period of the event.

In this year's manifesto, conceived by Camilla Cardellini, one of the most evocative moments of the event is represented, that is the fireworks that light up the little village highlighting the details that make it unique!


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