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Centenaries springs of Osimo

Centenaries springs of Osimo

In the area of Osimo there are 20 centenaries springs near the water that nowadays flow naturally from the

hill. They were needed not only for hydric refueling for the citizen and suburban areas, but also as wash


The ancient and most important is Fonte Magna, a Roman nymphaeum dating from the first century B.C.

called in this way because of its size and the most important source of the area.

It’s told that Pompeo Magno’s horses had drunk there during a short stop in the city for recruiting soldiers

to employ against Cesar during the civil wars.

It’s one of the rare ancient monuments of Le Marche mentioned in written testimonies like the De Bello

Gothico of Procopio di Cesarea, where it’s described in details and underlined its strategical importance in

the conquest of the city occupied by Ostrogoth of Vitige. The fountain was semicircular and it is thought

that at the beginning was protected by a vaulted decorated cover, to permit the access to the water in case

of siege too.

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