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Caves of Camerano

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FROM € 10
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Dug in the sandstone with a labyrinth pattern, the Caves of Camerano stetch belowe the city centre for at least 3 kilometers. The people of Camerano have started digging the caves since the beginning of the history of the settlement and through the centuries they have been elarged and modified becoming an underground city. For a long time it was thought that they were the remains of ancient sandstone quarries or even wine cellars. However, explorations, interpretations, and the modern walkways, which have made these caves accessible today, have revealed the presence in almost all areas of architectural embellishments, carvings and decorative details that do not fit in quarries or simple storage rooms: domes, barrel vaults, circular rooms and decorative columns, decorated with friezes, ornaments and religious symbols are constants along the entire route.
The caves unravel in front of an often impressed visitor, showing an underground town almost like a charming fairytale, a secret Camerano were both history and legend are real. 


The tour in the Caves of Camerano is only guided and it last 1 hour and 15 minutes. Ticket price is €8,00 per person with reductions for children and elderly. During the summer is advised to wear a sweatshirt or jacket because the temperature inside the cave is about 14 ° C and to wear suitable footwear to the path.
High heels shoes, slippers and flip-flops are not recommended.


The tour extends for a kilometer under the city centre of Camerano. It is possible to enter only with a guide and it is possible to take photos as long as the visitor stays with the group.


Reservation is required at nr. +39 071 7304018
Number active every day 09:30 - 19:30

For guided tours, ticket prices are as follows:
Euro 8,00 - Caves Tour
Reductions (people aged 65 and older, children 7 to 12 years, groups over 25 people, members of other Pro Loco):
Euro 6,00 - Caves Tour
Exemptions: Children under 6 years old and the disabled

Where to park

Motorhome owners and organized bus trips have the ability to temporarily park their vehicles in the area immediately adjacent to the Sports Hall of Camerano site in Via Bagacciano.
GPS coordinates are 43.530279,13.557488
This is not a parking area reserved but it is a convenient place to leave your vehicle for the period of the visit.

It is possible then to reach the entrance of Camerano Underground walk in 5 minutes going up along Via San Germano and the small staircase that comes from the opposite side of the street (Via Loretana)

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