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"IME Experience" is a project dedicated to the knowledge, training, dissemination and tasting of quality food and wine products from the Marche region. It also represents a place for meeting and relationship, where it is possible to take part in a real journey to discover the "plural character" of the Marches.
The path is organized with video and touch screen to get to the heart of all the themes developed. Virtually territories of production will be visited, manufacturing techniques will be discovered, we will know stories, traditions and curiosities of all products certified DOP, IGP, BIO, STG, QM and Slow Food Presidi of Marche, also thanks to a library of in-depth theme . The itinerary will end with a visit to the sensory room where one comes into contact with the typical aromas and essences of the Marche region. This is an innovative path that spurs the visitor to activate all the senses to prepare it for the moment of the real tasting.

Useful contacts
Balleani Palace
Via F.Conti, 5
Jesi (An)

info and reservations: +39 0731 213386

TIME from Tuesday to Sunday
Hours continued from 10.30 to 20.00
Monday closed.

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