La “Festa della Venuta” - Loreto

Traditional religious celebration

The "Feast of Coming".

The town of Loreto during the winter is a great business card for ituristi.

Marian cities, in fact, offers a full calendar of events, associated by a 'high confluence
of pilgrims, which create a special atmosphere, enveloping the town of sounds, melodies, lights
and colors, giving it an enchanted magical atmosphere.

Many ceremonies, processions and visits of personalities national and
International inspiring in this period the life of the sanctuary of Loreto.

Specifically, the celebration of the Feast of "The Coming of the Holy House", every December 9, you
an 'important anniversary for Loreto who dresses up in Piazza della Madonna and beyond.

A historical pageant that celebrates the transport in the Marian city of "Santa House"; the
campaigns around Loreto light up with fireworks and bonfires and all of the parishes bells
rionali ring in celebration, it also carries a special vigil in Piazza della Madonna prayer.

The streets of the old town, many of the faithful flock from Italy and abroad for
participate in the solemn procession with the statue of Our Lady coming out for the occasion by
reliquary to embrace the faithful.

An extraordinary event
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