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Accordions of Castelfidardo

The Italian history of the accordion began in 1863 in Castelfidardo, in the province of Ancona, thanks to the extraordinary genius of Paolo Soprani considered the father of this tool in Italia.Il Mr. Soprani 18 when with 4 tools recovered fortune, built the first organ. In the stable and barn of the farmhouse where he lived the Sopranos family he opened a workshop. The first harmonics are sold at fairs and markets of neighboring countries, especially in Loreto, place of encounter of pilgrims, gypsies, street vendors and merchants, directly by the enterprising Paul. The instrument is received with great interest and spread to other regions and the demands are increasing. For reasons of space, Paul is detached from the family group, rises to the town of Castelfidardo and opened a factory, while his brother Pasquale will lead to Recanati. Paolo Soprani, with his work, helped turn this area of ​​Le Marche culturally creating an unthinkable wealth for an economy that for centuries had been linked to agriculture. Even today accordions are made around 150 years ago, very little hand-held camera. The important department is the joinery. Here it is created the sound box, in practice the final dimensions of the instrument are defined. In accordions using 3:00 to 4:00 main woods: mahogany, beech, fir. Each rough case is checked by hand. Harmonics are two cases: in one is inseritala the keyboard and the other the bass buttons (the so-called mechanical). The keyboard is a complex and meticulous preparation. But the heart of the accordion bellows, which is operated by the performer to enter the air necessary to vibrate the reeds that produce the sound. Basically, everything is a painstaking work: four to five hours of continuous assembly and disassembly struggling with small mechanisms and precision. Each instrument is a unique piece, a true masterpiece, unique, unalterable conquering the most prestigious musicisti.Ubicato in the basement of the town hall, in evocative environments seventeenth century, is the International Museum of the Accordion, musical instrument that has had the city of Castelfidardo, for over a century, the largest center of production. The collection consists of about 350 specimens all different.

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