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Castelfidardo National Monument

In 1910, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the battle between the papal army and the Kingdom of Sardinia, it was decided to erect a national monument in Castelfidardo to capture the event. The work, commissioned the sculptor Vito Pardo, remembers the fallen of both sides. The inauguration took place on September 18, 1912 in the presence of King Vittorio Emanuele III; Official speaker was Arturo Vecchini. The monument, on top of a hill, is surrounded by a park of evergreen trees and is surrounded by a railing artistica.Nei near the Selva di Castelfidardo, one of the battle sites, you can visit the ossuary, where the rests of the fallen soldiers on both sides. It was built since 1861, to worthily receive the bodies previously buried in the bare earth, and scattered around the scene of clashes. The soldiers of the king and those of the pope are in separate tombs, according to the position occupied during the fighting: towards the sea and from the papal Montorso piemontesi.Nei the hill surrounding the ossuary there are stone plates that recall, in places in which they occurred, the most important episodes of the fight; this makes it possible to reconstruct the field the various stages of the battle and movements of pontifical and Piedmontese troops and identify farmhouses near which you combatté.A Castelfidardo is also a Museum of the Risorgimento, which contains interesting memorabilia and documents relating to battle
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