Walk 400 steps to Loreto

A different way to get to the Sanctuary of Loreto


If you find yourself at Loreto station and you want to discover the heart of the city in an alternative way that is everything but classic, you have to get to the near “Strada Statale Adriatica” and from there just travel the “Scala Santa”, along the ridge of that gentle hill immersed in a green area.

400 steps: they shorten the path from the station to the shrine for worshippers and pilgrims but they also let you to live completely the spitirual experience getting closer to the Virgin Mary’s house with heart and soul purified.

You could notice in succession 15 aedicules drawn by Amerigo Staffolani in 1942. They contain these beautiful bronze tiles realized in 1895 by Guarino Roscioli da Montattone that represent “The misteries of rosary”. Once you get on the top, you will be impressed by the crucified Christ in wood, placed under the balcony of Piazzale Giovanni Paolo, from where you can take delight in this breath-taking panorama of the sea.

On the right side of the Saint Stairway, one of the most famous Polish cemetery shows up with more than 1000 graves of polish soldiers, passed away during the II World War.
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