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Cribs Loreto Traditional

In Loreto, setting out the traditional nativity scenes set up by the permanent Loreto

Cribs in Via Sisto V and the Association Friends of the Crib at Porta Marina.

Throughout the year you can buy typical "puppets" of the crib at the many shops

the historical center, with the skill of knowing how to do the past, craftsmen realize

all individual components of the cribs.

There are many artisans who make handcrafted loretani typical decorations and so many ideas

gift in the name of genuine local tradition.

During the Christmas season, the warmth and tenderness of the festivities are in perfect harmony with the

attractions that distinguish Loreto.

Each year, therefore, is installed a big crib outdoors in front of the fountain in Piazza

Madonna, next to the Christmas tree, which holds statues with format

People in full size.

The succession of the various colors of the figurines, often accompanied by local traditional singing

the "Pasquella", means that the Christmas liturgy will take place in a climate of warm enthusiasm

full of color and vitality.

    Useful contacts

    Pro Loco Loreto 'Felix Civitas Lauretana'
    Corso Boccalini
    60025 - Loreto (AN)

    Fax: 071977748


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