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Recanati: At the Museum with 4-legged friends

Recanati, the City of Infinity is dog friendly
The new initiatives of the “Infinito Recanati” museum circuit were presented to encourage them enjoyment of all those who, even on vacation, do not want to deprive themselves of the company of their own dog: a special logo will inform users that the circuit facilities are dog friendly.
The presence of the civic museums on the main web portals of the sector has also been strengthened, e on social networks, through the hashtags #museidogfriendly and #musialmuseo.
In the “Infinito Recanati” museum circuit; with the recent opening of the Music Museum there are in fact five museums can be visited in the company of your 4-legged friends: Villa Colloredo Mels Civic Museum, Marche Emigration Museum, Music Museum, Beniamino Gigli Museum, Torre del
Borgo, to which the Tourist Office in via Leopardi must be added.
“In recent years there have been more and more accommodation facilities, restaurants and places of culture
which are opening up to use in the company of four-legged friends, for guarantee holidays in their company and thus avoid the phenomenon of abandonment

Finally, the “Infinito Recanati” museum circuit promotes a campaign of
sensitization to a greater openness of places of culture to pets: i
visitors accompanied by their dog will be able to take a photo inside the museums and
share it on the social channels Instagram and Facebook Recanati Città dell’Infinito. Planned
also the launch of the hashtags #museidogfriendly and #musialmuseo

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