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Sacred Catholic Sites in the Conero Riviera

Among precious relics of Christianity, stories and prayers.

Home of many saints and hermits, the Conero territory preserves important treasures of the Christian heritage such as the Holy House of the Madonna in Loreto.

The strong Christian traditions of this territory are reflected by the churches and sanctuaries that you can visit in every town, as well as in the Macerata-Loreto march, one of the most important pilgrimages in Italy attracting thousands of people each year. 

We suggest you visit:

The “San Ciriaco” Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum in Ancona

The Cathedral of Ancona hosts the remains of San Ciriaco, patron Saint of the city. Legend has it that the coffin containing the remains of the Saint floated from Palestine to Ancona and was rescued by sailors with a rope made of reeds. For this reason, every year on the 8th  of August, blessed reeds are distributed to the faithful. A venerated painting from 1615 depicting the Madonna is preserved in the San Ciriaco cathedral. The eyes of the painting were seen moving in 1796.

The Diocesan Museum, one of the oldest museum in Italy, is in Ancona. It hosts a fifteenth century showcase containing the stone with which Santo Stefano was stoned.

“San Giuseppe da Copertino” Basilica, “San Leopardo” Cathedral and “Campocavallo” sanctuary in Osimo

The “San Giuseppe da Copertino” Basilica attracts many people each year, especially students who leave their thesis and academic transcripts as sign of devotion to the patron saint of students and aviators. The saint lived in the San Francesco monastery until his death, and was known for the phenomenon of flying or levitation during his ecstasy. In the Basilica you can visit the crypt where the remains of San Giuseppe are preserved, the museum with relics, and the rooms where the saint lived.

In Osimo you can also visit the imposing “Duomo di San Leopardo”, which hosts an ancient miraculous crucifix. Legend has it that on the 2nd of July 1796, Christ opened his eyes and moved his lips. 

Located in the countryside of Osimo, in the Campocavallo suburbs, is the “Beata Vergine Addolarata” sanctuary, containing the painting of the Madonna that is said to have wept tears. The sanctuary attracts pilgrims from all over Europe each year. 

The Shrine of the Holy House in Loreto

Tradition has it that the Holy House was flown in from Palestine to Loreto by four angels. It  stopped temporarily in the Porto Recanati countryside, where the “La Banderuola” church now stands, and was finally rested upon the hill where it stands today in the Sanctuary. Thousands gather in prayer every day in front of the Black Madonna statue within the three walls of the humble house where Mary grew up and received the Annunciation.

“Le Sacre Stimmate” Church and “Tornazzano” Sanctuary in Filottrano

In the historic centre of Filottrano is the nineteenth century church of “Le Sacre Stimmate”. Legend has it that on 1796 the stature of Christ moved his eyes. In Tornazzano, a suburb of Filottrano, is the Gothic sanctuary “Beata Vergine di Tornazzano”, housing the miraculous stone of San Rocco, which is said to have healing powers for arthrosis and arthritis sufferers. This church also hosts a fourteenth century fresco depicting the Virgin and Child on which some would rub clothing of the sick in order to receive healing. 

“Collegiata di San Donato” Church in Montefano

Under two altars of the church in Montefano the remains of Saint Onorio and Saint Severio are preserved. 

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