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Traditional pilgrimage from Macerata to Loreto

In June there is the traditional Catholic pilgrimage on foot from Macerata to Loreto. All 'event is attended by many people who want to share a moment of reflection and prayer, in a journey both physical and of faith, to meditate together with the other participants, thus sharing a spiritual union path.
Given the importance of the event, Pope John Paul II first, and then Pope Francis, have demonstrated a deep closeness to the pilgrims who encountered in this long cammino.In various circumstances, in fact, both Popes sent messages Live Phone meanwhile the faithful they walked. The route that was held at night, retraces an ancient Marian path tradition, nestled in the hills, which extends for 28 km and is driven through a radio communication system.
The pilgrimage on foot was born in 1978, the year of John Paul II, on the initiative of a young teacher of religion Macerata, Don Giancarlo Vecerrica, who proposed the pilgrimage of young people as a gesture of gratitude to Our Lady students, at the end of ' school year. The program of the pilgrimage includes the departure from the stadium in Macerata and subsequent celebration of the Holy Mass, after which the pilgrims will begin to walk the route to the shrine Loreto.Nel while prayers are recited, interspersed with hymns or moments of silence for personali.Lungo reflections the way there are stops for breakfast and dining, with 36 tables of cakes and hot drinks, distributed by volunteers along with torches. Arrived in the square of Piazza della Madonna, the pilgrims thanked the Madonna and receive the blessing with holy water with the greeting of the bishops of the most important regional diocese. The arrival at the destination is scheduled at 6.30 am the next morning. The faithful come both from Italy and from the rest of the World. The pilgrimage usually joined by people of all ages, both elderly and young, many participating families, all united by faith. The event is open to all without exception. The official numbers of event attendees are always difficult to determine, but you count that last year, at least 90,000 people have taken part in the Macerata-Loreto.Dato path the journey is long, it is strongly advised to dress with very comfortable clothing , wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or a raincoat for possible rainy improvvise.E 'should also get hot drinks for refreshment along the way. Voluntary associations and ecclesial movements concretely support the organization of the event offend technical support, health care and mobile service.
Most seniors can take advantage of buses and cars provided by the organization and then cover the last kilometer.

For more information visit: http://www.pellegrinaggio.org


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