Villa Buonaccorsi in Potenza Picena

A beautiful villa in the hills of the Conero

Villa Buonaccorsi in Potenza Picena

Within the hills of Potenza Picena, rises Villa Buonaccorsi, a splendid 18th century villa, ancient residence on summer time of a powerful family from Macerata. The inner rooms are undoubtedly charming and suggestive, composed of luxurious halls. But what you will never forget is the Garden Park, made up of five different terracings, connected each other by a staircase. Here you could give yourself a fairy sweet afternoon, strolling within rare plants, perfumed lemon trees, fountain and water features, recesses and obelisks. You may also find in the garden a little theatre with automatic puppets and a tiny church. Around the same, an english style park lends a further calm and peaceful spirit to these places.

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Useful contacts

To visit Villa Buonaccorsi please contact the Iat Office for reservations:

+39 0733 687927

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