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Lakes of portonovo

Lakes of Portonovo

Portonovo is not just only a wonderful bay but also a natural reserve on the slopes of the Monte Conero where you can spend a day on a sunny beach, or take advantages of alternative paths that will let you discover the peculiarities of this area.

So the best advice we could give you is to wait for the sun to start going down and then go strolling in Portonovo, resting in front of one of the two little lakes that you will bump into, on the way toward the dock behind the towel .

They are two salty lakes, hedged in rushes , hidden among the white stone pebbles from Conero, and they are named “Lago Profondo” and “Lago del Calcagno”.

The origin of these lakes, say the ancient sources, was a massive landslide in the Monte Conero that halted the sea water among the boulders. Then the water mingled with freshwater rising from the ground.

The myth tells that these lakes are connected to the sea by underground canals that create some vortex. These swallow up anyone who swim close by… this is the reason why nobody ever try to plunge into the lakes where flora and fauna reign without any opposition: mallards, tub gurnards, ducks splash around happily in the water.

The zone is perfect for the birdwatching’s lovers!

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