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Waterfront Porto Potenza

Porto Potenza Picena è la più popolosa frazione della città maceratese di Potenza Picena nelle Marche. È una nota stazione balneare.

Developed along the coast, around the Tower of the sixteenth century, in places where there was the Roman colony of Sacrata, Porto Potenza is today a prosperous and well-equipped seaside resort, boasting certainly among the most beautiful beaches in the region.
It is a place whose frequency is recommended for those who love a quiet stay, away from the chaos that sometimes characterizes some coastal resorts, perhaps the best known.
The Port Tower is all that remains of an ancient fortress that had the task of protecting the area from pirate raids and report the danger to the inhabitants. It has been restored several times.
To the right of the tower stands the church of St. Anne, imitation of Romanesque - Gothic, containing an interesting painting of the second half of the seventeenth century, depicting "The Virgin and Child with the Saints Joachim and Anna."
Porto Potenza (ab. 9500 approx) is a small seaside resort, built in the area formerly occupied by a settlement from the Roman period called Sacrata.
Today's town has developed after the war around high coastal tower, the only surviving element of a classic late-medieval fortress. The historic core of the town, located south of the railway station, is made up of rows of sober houses that once belonged to the families pescatori.Tradizionale commemoration of fishing with "sciàpeca": since 2001, every year, the first Sunday in August to Porto Potenza there is the traditional re-enactment in period costume fishery with "sciàpeca", organized by the Circle "the Lighthouse" and "Portopotentino Studies Center", under the patronage of the Municipality of Potenza Picena. In the seafaring tradition of Potenza Picena, this type of fishing now no longer permitted, has played an important role. The first families of Monte Porto Santo (as it was before the change of Potenza Picena occurred Dec. 21, 1862) as they lived mainly on agriculture and fishing, and the inhabitants were called "Sciapecotti". Fishing was made using a lancet with a large dragnet formed by two long wings and a lot used for catching smaller fish.

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    Address: Station Square, 9, 62018 Porto Potenza, Potenza Picena MC
    Phone: +390733 687927
    Province: Province of Macerata

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