“Mezzavalle” beach

Gorgeous wild beach in the northern part of Monte Conero

Gorgeous wild beach in the northern part of Monte Conero.

Saturday and Sunday booking via the "iBeach" APP is required  

or by calling the numbers 071 2222931 / 071 28332457 / 071 28332378 
(Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm)

Beach type

Fine gravel, Mezzavalle has a bar/restaurant but no bathing facilities. Camping and lighting fires is forbidden.

Suited for

Everyone; we recommend trekking or tennis shoes with a sculpted sole, and sportswear.

How to reach it

By the SEA or on FOOT from two trails:

  1. At km 5.400 of the SP1 of Conero you’ll notice a gate, continuing along the road you’ll see a grove of reeds; from here proceed to turn right, going along the cliff. Continuing along, with not-too difficult ups and downs, you’ll reach the left side of Mezzavalle beach.
  2. Just before the roundabout in Portonovo, there’s a small clearing with access directly to the trail. The trail has various slopes: some are a lot steeper than the other trail, and it comes out right in the middle of the beach.

Where to park

It is advisable use means that will bring you near the beginning of the trails.If you came by car, besides the two small car park along the road, there is another paid car par to the right of the roundabout.

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