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Mole Vanvitelliana - Ancona

The Lazzaretto of Ancona, also called Vanvitelliana Mole, is a building designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli Ancona.

The Mole Vanvitelliana or Lazzaretto of Ancona is a pentagon-shaped building, located in the Port of Ancona, designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. It was built in 1733 on an artificial island and is connected to the mainland by three bridges. Il Lazzaretto was used in the past as: lazzaretto public health, fortification to defend the port, storage for goods, protection of the port by the action of onde. Wonderful for its geometric shape with 5 sides, the monument is today used, during the whole year, to host exhibitions and other cultural events; part of it is used to accommodate the Tactile Museum Omero.

Video of the exhibition of Bruno Mangiaterra

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