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Explore a beautiful hamlet by the sea

Polverigi is a small fortified village on the hinterland hills. Its heart is the ancient castle, affectionately called "Roccolo" for its circular shape.

Nestled between the rolling hills and valleys of the Conero Riviera inland,Polverigi is one of the small fortified villages of the “Terra dei Castelli” (Land of Castles). Due to a dusty sandy soil, in ancient times this hamlet was called “Polvericci” and was a major destination for hermits due to the peaceful atmosphere that still exists there today. 

The city walls host artistic treasures such as the Roman Gothic “Chiesa del SS Sacremento” which contains artistic masterpieces and complete pictorial cycles. 

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Walking along a long tree-lined avenue, you will arrive at two majestic neoclassical entrance monuments that lead you inside Villa Nappi, a historic Villa surrounded by a beautiful park with an Italian-style garden. 

Every year in July, Villa Nappi hosts “Festival Inteatro”, an international festival dedicated to contemporary theater. 

Don’t miss the “Festa delle Strega” (Festival of Witches) that takes place in Polverigi every year on the third Saturday of September.

Polverigi Tour

  1. Roccolo Polverigi is a small fortified village situated on the hillsides of the hinterland, whose heart is the ancient castle.
  3. St. Antonino Church Martyr
  4. CHURCH OF SS. SACRAMENTO Church of St. Mary Magdalene from the 13th century. Building now embedded in the complex of the Municipal Villa Nappi.
  5. Villa Nappi The complex is located on a small hill near the historic centre and is bordered by a long wall: it includes both the Villa itself and the Church of the SS. Sacramento, a vast park and an Italian garden under construction. It is accessed via two Neoclassical monumental entrances after having crossed tree-lined avenues with different types of trees. In the mid-1800s the monastery was bought by the noble Nappi family, which transformed the building into a classic country house with an entrance courtyard and a large park with a garden in the back.
  6. INTEATRO FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL CENTR Inteatro is held in Villa Nappi, and each year it experiments with the application of new artistic languages, formats, shows and performances through festivals, courses, laboratories and creative residences with numerous artists.
Useful contacts
  • Associazione Pro Loco Polverigi
    via Vallacca, 8 - 60020 Polverigi (AN) 
    +39 3341424643


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