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Romanesque in the Conero Riviera

In the Conero Riviera are many architectural remains of Romanesque style

Romanesque in the Conero

Just some km far away from the lively beaches of the Conero, you could go discovering amazing treasures of Romanesque.

From San Ciriaco Cathedral in Ancona, watching over the city from above Guasco hill, just to the city alleys. From S. Giovanni Battitsta Church to Santa Maria della Piazza Church, with its prestigious four orders of arches facade and the gate full of symbols.

We mention the “Palazzo del Senato e Palazzo degli Anziani”, symbol of Ancona’s history with 7 floors overlooking the sea and 2 more overlooking the city.

Moving toward Portonovo bay you reach Santa Maria church, an architectural jewel clung to the white cliff of Monte Conero and hidden in a green area. A place suspended between open water and earth, chosen by the Benedictine to build a monastery and a church.

Nowadays the only thing left is the ancient medieval church, with its original pavement made of earthenware tile and geometrical ocher motifs on it.
To visite: FAI Marche 075.5009658 from Monday to Friday 8.30-14.30


Remaining on the coast with a walk in the green woods of the Conero, you can climb to the S. Pietro abbey in Sirolo. Erected in 1038 as a place for meditation and hermitage, presents a central nave with capitals richly adorned in gothic and byzantine style.

By keeping travelling the coast just to Macerata, in the countryside of Porto Recanati, Santa Maria in Potenza Abbey stands out in the middle of a wood, with an imposing circular apse.

Now used only to host events and ceremonies, once it was both an abbey and an hospital.

The journey in the Romanesque proceeds with the seafront of Potenza Picena and the S. Anna church, inspired by gothic and romanesque architecture. Right on the inside you will find an interesting canvas representing the Virgin and the baby.

In the historic city center the ex S. Agostino complex includes church, bell tower and a cloister.

Leaving the shores, reach the backcountry and stop in Osimo city. Right inside the ramparts, in the heart of the city, a tour in San Leopardo Duomo is a must-see.

Dedicated to the very first bishop, the building in stone rises on an early church and upon a preexisting heathen temple.

Worthy of attention, the two precious gates are wrought in stone and the big rose window is decorated with monstrous figures and human heads. In the crypt (accomplished in 1191), you may find sarcophagi richly adorned.

Open Tuesday-Saturday 8.30-13 / 16-19; Sunday 10-12.30 / 16-19.

From Osimo move then toward Polverigi and the Land of Castle, where you can visit Villa Nappi and the XIIIth century SS Sacramento Church situated in the garden of the house.

The tour is composed of:

PLACE: Ancona
BUILDINGS: Cattedrale di San Ciriaco (Piazza Duomo), Santa Maria di Portonovo (Portonovo), San Pietro al Conero (Via Monte Conero), San Giovanni Battista (Via Astagno), Santa Maria della Piazza (Via della Loggia), Palazzo del Senato (Piazza del Senato), Palazzo degli Anziani (Piazza Stracca)

PLACE: Osimo
BUILDINGS: Cattedrale di San Leopardo (Piazza Duomo)

PLACE: Polverigi
BUILDING: SS. Sacramento (c/o Villa Nappi – Via Marconi)

PLACE: Porto Recanati
BUILDINGS: Santa Maria in Potenza (Via dell’Abbadia)

PLACE: Potenza Picena
BUILDINGS Sant’Anna (Viale Regina Marcherita – Porto Potenza Picena), Ex Complesso Sant’Agostino (Via Silvio Pellico)

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