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Rosso Conero


Le denominazioni
conero wineThe Conero and Rosso Conero wines are born in a restricted area of ​​the province of Ancona and in particular in that unique area that crowns Monte Conero. Mythical place since many claim that the rock thrown on the flatness of the Adriatic coast that communicates with the promontory of Ancona is the last "tower" of the legendary Adria, an Italian-Dalmatian Atlantis now sunk. Others - perhaps with more scientific reason - affirm that the Conero is a magmatic flap of the formation of the Apennines. What is certain is that the soil of the vines is a limestone, limp soil, quite peculiar. The microclimate of Conero is unique: the powerful insolation is mitigated by the incessant sea breezes, the ripening of the grapes is perfect and the strong temperature range enhances the aromas of musts. All this gives Montepulciano grapes a unique character, not replicable elsewhere. Starting in 2004 there are two wines of the same DOC area: Rosso Conero DOC and Conero DOCG. The first can also be served fresh to favor the clearest perception of acidity, flavor and freshness on the palate, the second is a more structured, complex and qualitatively superior variant, which has the task of fully expressing the potential and the typicality of this area delimited and circumscribed in the Marche region.

Il piacere
A red sea, the red to love. Rosso Conero is a very ancient wine in its origin, very modern for tasting. In his youth he presents himself with a vigor. The nose tells of Mediterranean scrub, ripe red fruit, nuances of stone and salt. On the palate it is clear, supported by good acidity, the tannin that although it is felt is in full harmony with the flavor. The return is on more fruity notes, long, intense, still full of salty nuances. When Rosso Conero matures and stretches in refinement, its lively ruby ​​color turns to more orange notes and the nose becomes more complex, bringing out the red fruit, the balsamic note and the hint of stone more clearly. On the palate it becomes enveloping and warm, the tannin expresses itself on sweet notes without affecting the natural freshness of the wine in terms of acidity. He lengthens his return on deeper notes that almost reach the tobacco making him a very noble kitchen companion.

The wine sentenced Galileo Galilei is a union of mood and light. Now look out over the Conero sea and enjoy the light that looks like a diamond reflection.
The moods are those of a unique land: a rock thrown into the Adriatic where the Mediterranean maquis wears the land of an emerald carpet smelling of all the scents of nature. The sapphire sea reflects this sensitive universe and opens up a red pearl: the Rosso Conero. Like a Venus born from the encounter between the sea and the Conero, the mountain of strawberry trees that dresses in brooms, ligustums, the wine smells like nature, shines with the sun ... and its mood is the Creation!

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