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Sanctuary of Campocavallo in Osimo

Among the campaigns of Osimo is an imposing Sanctuary

Sanctuary of Campocavallo in Osimo

Just some km faraway from Osimo, in the rural hamlet of Campocavallo, along the wide valley of Musone river and among poplar and mulberry trees, this wonderful Sanctuary shows up. It is made of three naves and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

From a distance it is immediately recognisable thanks to the bell tower and the decorative pinnacles that stand out against the peak and you will be surprised by the majesty and the grandeur of the Cathedral, placed in this little village lost in the countryside.

But there is a mistery behind this church we want to reveal you… In Campocavallo, at the end of IXth century, a miracle happened right in the pre-existing church.

A picture of the Virgin Mary, bought by the priest Giovanni Sorbellini from a salesperson, is the subject of the miracle in question. The Virgin Mary portrayed started to cry, on th 16th June 1892, and then moved her eyes in front of some witnesses.
The phenomenon kept on showing for ten years and a lot of pilgrims started to arrive in Campocavallo. So Don Sorbellini decided to build thanks to the offers the Sanctuary that still exists and hosts the miracle painting.

Our Lady of Sorrows is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August, during the Feast of the Lair. The den, expression of the faith and of the peasant culture of the area, is a chariot made solely of wheat ears interlaced by skilled hands, which is carried in procession.
The Virgin Mary is celebrated each year the first Sunday of Agost during the “Covo’s celebration”. The Covo, Italian expression of the rural culture and faith in that area, is a waggon made of only sheaf of wheat woven that accompany the procession.

 Each year, since 1939, a different waggon is realised but always representing churches, sanctuaries and places of worship like Lourdes, Fatima, Assisi and Santiago de Compostela.
    Useful contacts

    Sanctuary B.V.Addolorata
    Campocavallo of Osimo (AN)
    Via Cagiata 101

    tel. 071.7133003



    Orari di apertura del Santuario Dalle 6.45 alle 8.00;

    Dalle 8.30 alle 12.40.

    Dalle 15.15 alle 19.45.

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