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Tailoring stores

Tailoring stores

It’s a short step from being a farmer to becoming a manufacturer: Franco Carbonari and Orlando Girombelli know it well, and we owe to them the intuition that arises one of the most famous industrial district of clothing in the whole Italy.

The item of clothing of the most prestigious brands that we look with admirationn on the fashion magazines, have their source right here, in these lovely hills in the Marche.

The “Made in Filottrano” is synonymous of high quality, tailor’s shop, attention to the details, and it’s well represented by the many companies that produce both as a freelance and on behalf of a third party. More than ten, the outlets where it’s possible to spend time for shopping, above all masculine clothes.

Confezioni Zeno
Via Tornazzano 97
071 7223347

Creazioni Baleani
Via Cantalupo 6
071 7220014

Garbuglia Sartoria
Via Villanova 2/Q
346 2185722

Gelso Nero
Via del Lavoro
071 7223436

Lardini Factory Store
Via A. Grandi 19
071 7221227

Luca Paolorossi
Via G. Di Vittorio
071 7223503

Nuova Linea Abbigliamento
Via Villanova 2/D
071 7222003

Oliver Look
Via del Lavoro 31/A
071 7222989

Via G. Di Vittorio
071 7223455

Piccini abbigliamento
Via Pulcinaco 22
071 7222654

Sartoria Angelettti
Via 2 Giugno30 Montoro

Sogno di sposa
Via Dell'industria 38
071 7220552

I Tamantini
Via Schiavoni 47
071 7221491

Via Schiavoni
071 7225300

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