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The Tarta Day

A day completely dedicated to marine turtles

Numana is the town of sea turtles, yes, that's right, for years in fact Numana has been committed to their protection and rehabilitation.

Every summer, at least once a month, tourists and Numanians come together to witness the release into the sea after they have been treated and rehabilitated.

We leave in the afternoon from the port of Numana with a motor ship and reach the Due Sorelle beach, here they are freed and with an at times awkward gait they reconquer their sea. Get your cameras and handkerchiefs ready: the moment must be immortalized and tears will flow abundantly!
In the zone of Numana Alta, between the Spiaggiola and Spiaggia dei Frati, since June 2013, the Bay of Turles has been inaugurated, a protected place where saved turtles can swim and become familiar again with the sea water, but always supervised and controlled by the volunteers from the Cetacean Foundation of Riccione. You can visit the bay during the day and it’s easily reachable by feet from the port of Numana.
The Tarta Day is not only an excited day, but it aims also to the safeguard of the turtles in all the Adriatic Sea. Effectively they are dying out because of accidental captures, sailing traffic, pollution and disappearance of the places where to nest. The released examples during the Tarta Day are in fact the ones saved during the winter while fouled in the fishing nets along the coasts of Marche and Emilia-Romagna.
For whom that wants to learn more about the fascinating turtle world, the days before the liberation, meetings and events named “Waiting for the Tarta Day” take place with video shows and direct records.

NB. Seeing as how the sold out is easily reached, we suggest you to book the boarding with a little advance at the Port of Numana, right in the “Ufficio Traghettatori Riviera del Conero”.
Traghettatori Riviera del Conero
Via Pescheria, 11 

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    Since this is an event that records the "sold out" we recommend to book a few days in advance boarding, at the Office Ferrymen Riviera del Conero which is right at the Port of Numana.

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