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The “Antiquarium” archeological museum in Numana

The archaeological museum of the past Piceno

A seaside town overlooking the Conero RivieraNumana in ancient times was populated by the Picentes. Testimonies of this ancient community are preserved in the “Antiquarium”, the local archeological museum

Within the “Antiquarium” you can retrace the history of Picenum. The tomb of the Queen and the riches she was buried with have recently been brought to light, including the chariot and calash used in her funeral. 

Numana is the only archeological site in the Marche Region where you can visit a Picenum necropolis. Each year the city dedicates an entire exhibition to its Picenum origin.
Useful contacts

antiquarium Numana

Numana Centro Storico
Via La Fenice, 4

tel. +39071 9331162

Hours: daily 8:15 to 19:15

CLOSED Christmas and January 1

Free entry the 1st Sunday of the month

Adults € 2.00. Reduced € 1.00 (18-25 years)

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