The Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto

The sanctuary of Loreto preserves one of the most important relics of Christendom, the Holy House of the Virgin Mary

The Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto is both a majestic Basilica and a fifteenth century fortress, hosting artworks of great artists such as Bramante and Vanvitelli. The Basilica holds one of the most important treasures of Christianity, the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth. Tradition has it that the Holy House was flown in from Palestine to Loreto by four angels and was rested upon the hill where it stands today in the Sanctuary. Within the Holy House is the statue of the Black Madonna (due to the dark wood used), protector of aviators and air travelers.

The Holy House is located in the centre of the Basilica under the cupola and is surrounded by a beautiful marble enclosure by the Italian sculptor Bramante and nine large chapels from different schools of painting.

We suggest visiting the majestic Basilica, where you can see the statue dedicated to Pope Sixtus V, the bell tower, and the “Palazzo Apostolico” which hosts the “Museo del Tesoro”.

Useful contacts

Ufficio Informazione e Accoglienza Turistica Loreto
via Solari, 3
60025 Loreto (AN)

Tel. +39 (0) 71970276, 71970020

Pro Loco Loreto

Pro Loco e Accoglienza Turistica Loreto
Corso Boccalini, 67
60025 Loreto (AN)

Tel. 071 977748

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