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the Cardeto Park in Ancona - Ancona

A green heart just steps away from the city of Ancona

The “Cardeto’s park” is a park placed on the top of the hills of Cappuccini and Cardeto, occupying the whole high part of Ancona. 35 hectares of land that gets together historic places, typical flora and fauna and breath-taking glimpses overlooking the sea.

Distinguishing feature of the park is definitely the vegetation; the name itself derives from cardoons, once characteristic in this zone also because the goldfinches used to eat the seeds of this plant. Now unfortunately both the cardoons and the goldfinches are uncommon within the park, however other plants and flowers are so blooming that create a great suggestion.

The ancient walls of buildings are coated with wallflowers, Flinders roses and snapdragons that become a wall imn flower during the spring-like flowering. And again in spring time you cannot miss a walk in Faro road, where the  Giuda’s trees in bloom make everything looks pink.

Whereas at the English field you will find a majestic olive tree that grows on the sixteenth-century walls of the San Paolo’s Bastion.
From the cliffs overlooking the sea you may also enjoy a unique view on the Ancona’s coast.

Within the park there’s a chance to see the peregrine falcon and the cormorant too.

There are in the park also some areas full of history like the Jewish Field, one of the biggest and well-preserved cemetery of Jews in Europe; the Field of English people, The San Paolo’s Bastion, built in the 1500 and full of tunnels (accessible by booking); the old Lighthouse that dominates all the city and from where you can enjoy an incredible 360° panorama; the armoury of Castelfidardo recently restored; the Cardeto Fort and the Cappuccini one that give you a clear example of how the city was defended in the 19th century.
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    The park is open all day until sunset, you can access it from 5 inputs:

    1. Via Overview

    2. Piazzale Martelli

    3. Via Cardeto

    4. Via del Faro

    5. Via Birarelli

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