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The "Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo" in Ancona

A festival that brings in the Dorian city of the sea cultures

The festival “Adriatico Mediterraneo” in Ancona
The sea in one place: this is what Adriatico Mediterraneo is for Ancona.

It begins in 2007, from a 10 years long knowledge of Festival Klezmer, and from then on it’s the most important kermesse in the state capital: at the end of the summer, within august and september, hundreds of artists and intellectuals go onstage in the most beautiful places of Ancona to involve people in a trip along the routes that connect all the shores in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mole Vanvitelliana, the Jesus Church, the Arch of Traiano are some of the “hearts” of the festival where writers, actors and musicians liven up the atmosphere.

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