The medieval Castle of Offagna

The heart of the medieval village of Offagna is its Rocca, perfectly preserved and can be visited.

Standing on a cliff, the fifteenth century castle of Offagna dominates the surrounding landscape. Built by the people of Ancona as a defense for the maritime town and characterized by dovetail-shaped battlements, the “Rocca di Offagna” fortress is an important example of military architecture. 

Climbing up the tower, you can admire the alarm bell as well as take in a breathtaking view which spans from the hills to the Adriatic coastline. 

Within the fortress is a museum hosting ancient weapons, a collection of hunting items, and authentic medieval clothes

At the foot of the fortress is the ancient hamlet of Offagna that still today preserves its medieval structure. Every year in July you can step back in time to the Middle Ages during the medieval festival. For a week the streets and alleys of Offagna are enlivened by court jesters, wandering minstrels, dames and knights, all dressed up in period costumes.
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