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The procession of "Sacconi" in Osimo

One of the most striking events of the Passover in the Conero

If you are on vacation in the Conero Riviera during the Easter period we suggest you attend the traditional and suggestive procession of Sacconi in Osimo that since the end of the sixteenth century, is held every year on Good Friday and runs through the streets of Old Town osimo.

The celebration of Good Friday formally begins with the Mass of the "Three hours of agony" held at 14.30, then at dusk, around 20 or so, the lights will go out of the streets, the shops lower the damper and set a silence creepy.

The distance you hear the rustle of "battistangole", the wooden boards that replace the ringing of bells, and opens the long procession.
More than two hundred brothers and sisters of the Confraternity of the Pious Union of the Dead Christ of Osimo, made unrecognizable from the traditional blacks sacks and covered with pointy hoods parade with torches and march with them the mysteries that have marked the passion of Christ.

At the tail of the procession reaches the bier of the dead Christ and closes ranks the statue of the Madonna in tears.

The procession starts from the cathedral and along the winding streets of the historic center to Boccolino square, then return back to the Duomo where is celebrated liturgical celebration held by the Bishop.
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    The event takes place every year at Easter. The Procession of the Sacconi part from S. Leopard and takes place through the main streets: Via San Francesco, Via Pompeiana, Corso Matteotti and Corso Mazzini.

    For more information contact the Office IAT Osimo N.V. 800228800

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