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The Underground City in Camerano

A dense network of tunnels between tunnels and niches dug into the sandstone

If you want to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the underground Camerano, we suggest you visit the caves that run beneath the surface of this village nestled in the hills of the Conero.
Under the historical center of Camerano runs a network of tunnels excavated in ancient times by the Piceni, galleries and niches are decorated with bas-reliefs, decorated with friezes, ornaments and religious symbols.
Four are the most important caves, reminiscent of the four noble and wealthy families in the city: Corraducci, Mancinforte, Ricotti and Triumphs that are located about twenty meters deep.
In the silence and darkness of this place they are guarded secrets, mysteries, legends and even ghosts, even the TV show "Mystery" has been unable to resist the allure of Camerano mysteries.
In 2012, precisely during the filming of the program, under the altar of the eighteenth-century church of San Francesco they were found human remains, including the skeleton of a baby about a year and a half.

The secret of the crypt is still shrouded in mystery: who owns the child's bones, buried about sixty years ago?

It seems that in the maze of underground passages, once Masonic meetings were held and perhaps even pagan rites.
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