Villa Nappi - Polverigi

Elegant mansion in the center of Polverigi, immersed in the Italian gardens

Villa Nappi

The hinterland of the Conero Coastline is characterised by castles and hills that roll like a tender latch. In Polverigi, not so far from the historic center, there is Villa Nappi, an ancient abode overlooking a green park.
The story behind Villa Nappi is long-standing. In effect it rises upon ruins of an ancient Augustinian monastery sold from French people to a local noble family, we mean the Nappi family, that converted it into an elegant abode with Italian style gardens.
Nowadays Villa Nappi is a real home of artists. It is the headquarters of the “Associazione in Teatro” that, from 30 years and on, organise each year the International Festival of the Contemporary Theatre.
But this is not the end! Villa Nappi host an extended audio, video, and paper holdings in the Archive of the Theatre and the Contemporary Dance, open to all the guests.
Moreover in the park a free wi-fi connection is available, right to join technology and open-air life.
 And if you want to give yourself an unusual vacation with a little cultural touch, we suggest you to stay directly in Villa Nappi. 11 rooms are available, in effect, each of them with a different theme. With a small contribution you can sleep in a unique atmosphere.

Useful contacts

Villa Nappi Polverigi
Via Marconi, 75


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